Crankshaft Milling Machines

for shipbuilding and oil and gas industry


Benefits of Internal Milling

Although we also offer external milling machines, our most important machines are based on the internal milling principle. The shaft is clamped throughout the process and the milling cutter head moves around the shaft.


  • Higher machining rate (up to approximately 1000 kg/hour) than for external milling (at the same tool load)
  • More rigid drive due to the large tool diameter
GFM machines

Advantages of Our Machines

  • High technical availability
  • Simple program creation for main journal, pin journal and web milling when using GFM CNC
  • Short processing time due to rigid machine, vibration-dampening bed and adaptive infeed control
  • Vibration recording and control
  • Long-lasting machine
  • Guaranteed support for decades in technical and technological matters
  • GFM CNC or Siemens CNC control versions available

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