Radial Forging Machines

Special Applications

No matter if you need special materials or complex forms: radial forging offers interesting solutions. 


Forming requirements

Forming of special materials

Special alloys, super alloys, refractory materials, titanium and many other grades share one thing: they have their own special forming requirements. Many of them can be formed particularly beneficially with our technology.

Your advantages

  • High degrees of forming due to processing from all sides
  • Efficient forming of complex geometries or production of optimized material distribution for the subsequent process
  • High process reliability
Possible uses

What are you able to produce on our machines?

For precise production

Refractory metals

Forging of refractory metals is a special challenge that we gladly step up to. Inline re-heating plays an important role in this.

Hip joints

Forging of co-basis, Ti alloy or stainless material grade blanks in a hip joint pre-form.

Turbine blades

One example for special geometrical application is the near-net shape forging of turbine blades. They often make it possible to skip close-die forging.

Tie-rods and struts

Tie-rods and struts for the aircraft industry are often made of aluminum or titanium alloys. A monoblock version – as is made by GFM as well – ensures the longest service life.

Forging inner geometries

We do multi-material compound forging of complex inner geometries like for mud motor stators.

Shaping Future Innovations