Products from GFM GmbH in Steyr

The traditional industrial company, which has been family-owned since its founding in 1945, has its headquarters in Austria and develops special machines from there, which are sold through 3 further company locations worldwide.

Radial Forging Machines / Reshape

Steel and special alloys industry

Radial forging technology
as the key equipment for forming in the steel plant

Automotive industry

Forging machines
cold, semi-hot & hot

Special applications

Forging machines
Exciting forming applications of exotic material grades

Cutting / profiling / automation

Ultrasonic cutting machines

US cutting machines
for composites, floorings, leather and sports industry

Composites - automation

and their processing in the aircraft industry

CNC Router - special applications

CNC Stack-HSC milling machines
for aluminum and titanium alloys

Milling for crankshafts


for ship construction and the oil and gas industry

Milling for automotive

for crank and cam shafts

Shaping Future Innovations