Cutting / profiling / automation

CNC router special applications

GFM develops highly productive production systems for some special CNC routing tasks.

CNC Router

Stack Router

Highly productive system for routing sheet stacks

The GFM stack router is the ideal solution for the high demands to quality and productivity when producing parts of aluminum sheets in the aircraft industry.
Stack router


With the genuine GFM de-tagging process

  • Milling sheet stacks up to 12 mm
  • Automatic de-tagging process
  • High degree of material use
  • Automatic infeed from the loading table
  • Unloading table to remove the parts


CNC router

Panel Router

With flexible fixture system

Mass production of level or slightly curved panels requires flexibility when tensioning. The freely programmable cups that can be activated individually solve this requirement easily.
Panel router


Freely programmable suction holding fixtures

  • Fixing the panes with vacuum pods
  • Trimming the outer contour, drilling, countersinking
  • Compensation for height variation
  • Even tool wear due to smart swinging

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